A Better Home Starts with Light

Have you ever gone into someone’s house and it was hard to see?  Chances are they had the shades drawn over the windows, but even if they were open, those windows were probably a lower quality that didn’t quite fit the home.  Here at Big Sky Homes, we make sure to have great windows installed in any new modular home we sell.  But you can build an even better home.

Windows and doors are those things that can be upgraded to a higher quality.  You have the option to fully customize the house of your choosing.  Upgrading your windows is one of those choices that pays off in the long run.  Here are 8 reasons you should upgrade when you purchase a modular home in Billings.


Better Natural Light

Natural light is often considered to be the purest form of light.  It is full spectrum, it helps our plants to grow, and it improves our mood.  Some of the top rated windows out there offer even more advantages.  For instance, did you know that some high quality windows have built in “shades”?  The windows are made in such a way that the UV rays are blocked (these are the ones that fade furniture and cause the room to heat up), but the light rays come in.

A Better Looking Home

The right windows can actually turn into a focal point.  Ordinary, or even construction grade, windows are simply there for utilitarian purposes.  Having a high quality window, however, can give you a better home that has an attraction that many people can’t pinpoint.

A Quiet HomeA Quieter Home

As a general rule of thumb, the higher quality the window is the less noise that it will let in.  If you plan to live in an area that has a lot of traffic outside, then better windows will help your home be more peaceful

A Healthier Home

All windows installed on our modular homes are going to be water tight, air tight, and provide great protection against the elements.  However, a higher quality window is going to last a lot longer before it breaks down.  This means your home stays mold free, dust free, and pollen free.

A Less Stuffy Home

Better windows means that they open easier, open wider, and provide adequate ventilation when needed.  You can slide them open and allow a nice breeze to flow through the house.  This is great for the cool summer nights that we experience here in Billings.

Green EnergyA Greener Home

With the right windows you can lower your utility bills.  Basically speaking, the better the window, the better it is at keeping the cold out (or heat in the summer).  Don’t use your money to cool your home, keep it cool from the beginning with Energy Star qualified windows.

A Maintenance Free Home

Almost all windows are now made in a way that makes them easier to clean.  It can all be done from the inside.  Simply tilt the window in, wipe it clean, and snap it back into place.  A higher quality window is even easier to unclip, tilt, and replace than a basic window.

A Boost in Home Equity

The better the quality materials used, the more the home will be worth.  Upgrade to custom windows and your home will have more equity right off the bat.


Big Sky Homes Has Affordable Housing in Billings

Don’t think that affordable housing means that you have to live in a less than adequate apartment somewhere.  Think of affordable housing as owning your own home, growing your equity, and being able to enjoy the four walls that protect you at night.

Come check out our lot at 750 Parkway Lane in Billings, and get some ideas for designing your future home!