There are a Lot of Myths Surrounding Modular Homes

Modular homes have been around for awhile, yet there are still many who look down on modular homeowners when there’s no justifiable reason to do so. With proper information about the true state of modular homes, this discrimination will be squashed in an instant. Through this article, we hope we will be able to clear up some of the most common and unfair misconceptions that are likely preventing this practical housing solution from reaching its highest high.

Keep reading as Big Sky Homes, your source of affordable housing in Billings, Montana, helps squash the myths around modular homes.


Modular Myth No. 1: Modular homes are low quality homes.

Truth: While this may have been true for a long period of time, there has been a complete turnaround since 1976 when the HUD upgraded the housing standards that govern pre-fabricated homes. Since then, modular homes have been built better in virtually every way possible than traditional stick-built homes. Modular homes are built in factories under climate controlled conditions where the materials used are able to retain their structural integrity and the workers who do the construction are skilled and monitored every step of the way. That’s a mouthful for sure but what we’re saying is simple:  modular homes are built under conditions that ensure strict adherence to the highest housing quality standards.


Modular Myth No. 2: Modular homes are weak and not built to last.

Truth: Modular homes need to be strong from the very start because each module should be able to withstand the stress of being transported from the construction site to the home site.


Modular Myth No. 3: Modular homes are unattractive and have limited design choices.

Truth: If you still think of modular homes as “trailer-type” homes, don’t. Because with the developments undergone by the prefab housing industry, modular homes are now constructed in designs that make them look no different from site-built homes. Modular homes are fully customizable, with a wide range of floor plans, models, styles and features to choose from. How attractive your modular home will look will ultimately depend on your choices.


Modular Myth No. 4: Modular homes do not appreciate in value.

Truth: Based on studies conducted, the biggest factor that affects home value is not how it is built, but where it is located. In the case of modular homes, appreciation in value is possible under the following conditions: 1) The lot is the homeowner’s property. 2) The home is attached to a permanent foundation. 3) The home is well-maintained. 4) There are additions to the original home such as a garage, a front patio, or a back deck. 5) The home is located in a good area or a nice neighborhood.


Modular Myth No. 5: Modular homes are not energy-efficient.

Truth: As global warming continues to threaten the entire world, energy efficiency has now become a by-word that everyone should be more mindful of. And when it comes to modular homes, energy efficiency is actually one of the standards that it should comply with. Thus, a modular home is built with better insulation, and uses more energy-efficient materials from the roof, the walls, doors and windows.


Modular Myth No. 6: Modular homes are harder to finance.

Truth: Not so long ago, modular homes had to be financed as personal property because they were sold on their own, without any land to stand on. And this did make it harder to finance. It’s no longer true, though. Because modular homes are now placed on permanent foundations, they are considered as real estate and can thus be financed directly through the seller, through a bank, or a credit union.

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