A New Home doesn’t have to Break the Bank

At some point in their lives many people will dream about how great it will be to live in a house they can call their own. The problem is, after all the fantasizing is done and reality sets back in, many will just forget about what they really want because they are afraid they will not be able to afford buying their own house. So instead of facing the disappointment of having to compromise on what they truly desire, they choose to forego their dream and just stay living with what they have and where they are. If only more prospective homeowners knew that buying a home is not as expensive as it used to be.

How You Can Save on Your Next Home

We’re way past the era of traditional and expensive stick-built homes. Of course, there are still those who will not even consider any other type of home for whatever reason. But we know they’re a minority. For many of us, traditional homes just aren’t as reachable as we want them to be. And that is why we are truly thankful that there is an alternative housing solution we can turn to; manufactured homes.

Stereotyped for too long as a home that cannot be taken seriously and you will have to replace eventually because it’s not really a home in the traditional sense of the word, manufactured homes have undergone tremendous improvements and are slowly but surely proving as serious competition for stick-built homes. And why not? Manufactured homes are considerably more affordable than traditional homes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Why Manufactured Homes are Superior

Contrary to what many might assume, cost is not even supposed to be the biggest selling point of a manufactured home. Its best feature is in fact its quality.

  • IMG_1853Who builds them? Skilled craftsmen.
  • Where are they built? In factories under a climate-controlled environment.
  • What are they made of? High quality materials whose structural integrity remain intact because they are protected from dirt, dust, water, moisture and all of nature’s other elements.
  • What is used to build them? The best and most advanced equipment.
  • How are they built? According to the most rigid housing standards, inspected at every turn, undergoing quality control measures that ensure superior strength, safety, energy-efficiency, and durability.

Aside from quality and cost, buying a manufactured home will give you some peace of mind because of the warranty that comes with it. And you need not wait for too long before you can move in to your new home. Quick construction time is another benefit offered by manufactured homes. For you, that means being able to enjoy your new home in as short as a few weeks to about 3 months at the most. Know also that you can make your manufactured home as beautiful as you want it to be because it is fully customizable.


Big Sky Homes in Billings Helps You Save

The easy way to save $100,000 on a new home: ditch the traditional and go for manufactured. Here at Big Sky Homes we want to make sure that you have a great place to live that is comfortable and affordable. That is why we provide affordable housing to everyone in Billings. Give us a call at 406-256-0240 for more information, or check out our lot (map below).