Have you Considered a Modular Home in your House Hunt?

If you have been thinking of buying a house but are still hesitant to take the plunge, it might be helpful for you to know that there is a practical housing solution that has steadily been gaining recognition: modular homes. The modular home has come a long way in the past few years.  Today they are better constructed than their stick-built counterparts.

Offering several benefits, here are the most important ones that make modular homes worth choosing over traditional stick-built homes.


Modular Homes Are More Affordable

Because modular homes are mass-produced in factories, manufacturers are able to negotiate for cheaper material and labor rates. With lower manufacturing costs, sale price is lower too.


Modular Homes Are Available At a Fixed Price

HouseModular homes are sold at a guaranteed price. With stick-built homes, you can easily go from being within your budget to over your budget due to unexpected circumstances like delayed labor, changing material costs, missing contractors and the like. With modular homes, there’s a set price and you’ll never have to go over it.


Modular Homes Are Flexible

Modular construction gives homeowners the option to choose from existing floor plans, or customize according to the layout they want. Once built, modular homes can easily be relocated, expanded or reduced to adapt to your changing situation, needs, and preferences.


Modular Homes Are Customizable

Porcelain SinkModular construction allows full customization so you have a say on how your house will look from the outside and the inside. Construction won’t start until the manufacturer knows exactly what you want. And even if your home is already in the process of being built, you still have the option to request add-ons or additional features so your home can be as unique and as perfect as you envision it to be.


Modular Homes Have a Quick Completion Time

Construction time is significantly shorter than traditional site built homes. Instead of waiting for at least 6 months to a year, you can move into your new home sooner, typically within a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the size of your home.


Modular Homes Are Built With a Better Quality

label-1197365_1280Assembled in factories under climate-controlled conditions, materials used for construction are able to retain their structural integrity, with no risk for exposure to different weather elements that can negatively affect their quality. Building processes used are more efficient than manual processes done on-site. Products are more consistent as these are built by skilled craftsman using advanced equipment rather than independent contractors who may or may not be using the best equipment and may or may not be the most skilled ones for the job. Quality control measures are done regularly throughout the whole construction process, ensuring compliance to the highest state and federal building standards.


Modular Homes Are Safer

Required to adhere to the strict standards enforced by the HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development), a completed modular home is tagged with a “red seal” to indicate that it has passed the inspection process that guarantees it has met all the required housing standards.


Modular Homes Produce Less Waste

garbage-40357_1280Being built in a factory instead of on-site means there’s no waste material to get rid of on the building site. Moreover, waste in the form of theft and vandalism is avoided because of strict security measures enforced inside the building factories, as opposed to what can happen while materials are kept at the home site.


Modular Homes Are Energy-Efficient

As mandated by the HUD code, modular homes are built to be more energy-efficient through better insulation, use of energy-efficient materials like low-E windows or low-VOC paint, and complete sealing of all openings.    


Modular Homes Are Green Homes

Green EnergyBecause modular homes are energy-efficient, it logically follows that they are more friendly to the environment because of their reduced carbon footprint. And, they are generally made of sustainable materials too, making them even greener.


Modular Homes Are Stronger

Modular homes have to be strong and durable to survive the rigors of transport. By using more framing lumber than typical site-built homes, and screws and glue instead of just nails to attach different parts, modular homes have structural stability that ensures a secure trip to its final site. More importantly, they are built to last a lifetime.


Modular Homes Are Under Warranty

Modular homes come with a structural warranty, usually 10 years. Which means peace of mind for you as you do not have to worry about your home being damaged too soon after you have just moved in.


Big Sky Homes has Your New Home in Billings

So what are you waiting for? The era of looking down on manufactured homes is over. As practical and informed consumers, it’s time to get rid of the notion that only traditional built houses are worthy of being called homes.  Come see us at 750 Parkway Lane here in Billings to see what your new home will look like.