Want to Save Energy? Invest in a Modular!

Most people would love to cut back on their energy usage.  Whether they are doing it so that they can do their part to help stop polluting, or whether they are doing it so that they can save money, most people want to make their home as energy efficient as possible.  If you are house hunting, did you know that modular homes are energy efficient?  Even more so than their traditionally built counterpart.

Modular Homes are Energy Efficient

Keep reading as Big Sky Homes, your affordable modular home provider in Billings, explains how you can be greener (and save green too) with a modular home.


Modulars have Superior Construction

This is not to say traditionally built homes are built poorly.  Most of them are well crafted, built strongly, and will last for many years.  The difference, however, is in how they are built.

Let’s suppose you built furniture for a living.  Suppose you had to go to a client’s house and build a rocking chair in their living room.  It would be much harder to build it with your portable tools than it would be to build the same chair in a workshop that is completely set up for building rocking chairs.  The same is true for modular homes.

Because they are built in a factory, these homes are built with precision every time.  There are systems in place to ensure that every home is built perfectly, and every joint fits snugly.  Doing so ensures that the modular home you get is highly energy efficient.


Heating and Cooling Costs are Less

Because the home is built so well, it doesn’t cost nearly as much to heat and cool the home.  But it goes beyond just being incredibly well insulated.

Green EnergyMost people are not using their entire house all at once.  So why heat the whole house all at once?  When you invest in a modular house, you invest in superior construction that has superior infrastructure.  The house can be divided into zones, and when you’re not using one particular area, you can turn off that zone (this is done by closing vents).  Only heat the rooms that you’re using, and save money (and energy) on your utility bills.

Reducing your bills not only helps you save money, but it also means your modular is more energy efficient.  The lower the bill, the lower your environmental impact.

Of course closing all the vents can cause the air to get stale.  So make sure to open them all up every now and then to keep things circulating (or open the windows at night to capture that clean and crisp Montana air).


Claim Tax Credits by Using Energy Star

Modular homes are energy efficient in and of themselves.  But if you want to step it up even further, you get the opportunity to customize what goes into your home.  Using energy star appliances, upgrading to superior windows and doors, and much more can take you from energy efficient, to ultra energy efficient.

Money in your pocketThe best part is that you don’t have to pay for the full cost!  Well, that’s a bit misleading.  You do pay for it at first, but then you can get reimbursed for some things when you file your taxes.  The Federal Government offers tax credits when you use certain appliances and building materials.  If you install solar panels, wind turbines, solar water heaters, or a handful of other energy producers, you can get an even bigger refund.

Go green, save money, and get a kickback… how can you lose?


Modular Homes are Energy Efficient, and We Sell Them!

You can get into a modular home for less than it costs you to rent.  Take a look at our past blog post to that talks about how you CAN afford to stop renting!

Come to Big Sky Homes, at 750 Parkway Lane, in Billings to learn more about how modular homes are energy efficient, and to learn just how affordable they actually are.

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