Is Your Residence a Home or just a House?

Displaying photos is one of the easiest ways to decorate and personalize a room or any space in your home. It’s not only fun to do; it’s relatively inexpensive too. On the other hand, if you have been looking for other imaginative ways to decorate or revitalize your home but are hesitant to push forward because you’re afraid it might be too hard on your pocket, don’t be. We’ve compiled a list of easy-to-do tips that will get you all excited about your home improvement project in a jiffy.


small-table-960707_1280Tiny table: If you have a table that is too small to accommodate a centerpiece, opt for a table runner instead. Consider using an oversized scarf, old tablecloths or linen sheets, or fabrics with nice design patterns.

Walls: Aside from painting, you can liven your walls further by using jewelry and other accessories. Group them together in frames, or hang them on hooks.

Lampshade: Put a generous amount of glitter on the inside of your lampshade for a mirror ball-like lighting effect.

Curtains: Stop using metal rings or plastic rings to tie your curtains. Use colorful bows, handkerchiefs, or belts instead. 

Pillows: Invigorate your dull sofa and chairs by adding accent pillows covered in bold and colorful designs



Open CabinetsSmall space: Make an area appear roomier by hanging a mirror. Put it up in a position where it can receive as much natural light as it can and your space will seem more spacious for sure.

Cabinets and shelves: To create the illusion of having expanded space, remove some of your cabinet doors to reveal open shelving. Take the time to organize the contents carefully to create an attractive look.



Kids Art: Rather than keep your kids’ drawings and all other artworks in a storage box where you will likely forget about them, choose your favorite ones, put them in pretty frames, and hang them on walls or display them on your shelves. After some time, take them down and choose another set to change your display. That’s an endless supply of gallery pieces for you right there.

drawing-1254681_1920Bottle collection: Bottles of different colors and shapes can be arranged creatively and displayed as a centerpiece on a table or a mantel shelf. They can also be displayed on windowsills to produce a stained glass effect.

Mementos: Remembering good times and special occasions should not have to mean opening up old boxes and chests stored away in your basement or attic. Why not bring out all those display-worthy items you have collected over the years and put them all together in a space for you to look at whenever you want, and for others to take part in the memories they represent.

Greeting cards: Because they’re personal, you might not want to put your birthday cards, holiday greeting cards, anniversary cards and other special occasion cards on display for everyone to see. You can, however, use a string to hang all those cards in your bedroom for your personal benefit. Just pull one from your display for an emotional boost or an instant trip down memory lane.

Old T-shirts: If you have old shirts that are no longer fit for wearing but still hold some sentimental value, use a canvas or a cardboard to mount them and put them on display.



door-knob-84319_1920Handles and knobs: Change your door knobs, cabinet pulls and drawer handles from plain to fancy-looking ones.

Books: Rearrange your bookshelf and organize your books according to color.

Headboard: If your bed doesn’t have one, make your own.



Door: Instantly upgrade the look of your home by painting over your door’s traditional neutral color with a bolder and brighter color choice or a simple design.

Walls/Ceiling: Similar with your door, you can transform a room from dull to awesome by painting your walls or your ceiling in an unexpected hue or design (try galaxy or ombre).

Furniture: If you are skeptical about repainting your door or your walls because you feel it might be too big for you to handle, take a step back and start small: try painting furniture instead. A new paint on your dresser, your nightstand, or your bed frame can do wonders.


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