Interested in Solar Panels for your Home?

Solar Panels in BilllingsHas the idea of going solar ever crossed your mind but you immediately dismissed it because it sounds like it is just too expensive to install solar panels on your home? There’s no denying that solar power system installation costs a lot. However, with the technological advancements it has undergone, plus the availability of financing options, it’s safe to say that investing in solar power will give you nothing but benefits in the long run. Why? Big Sky Homes, your affordable housing provider, lists out the most important advantages.

Solar Panels Save Money

The primary reason that drives consumers to try solar power is its expected result of reducing electricity bills. And the effect is immediate. The day you have your solar panels installed is the day you start saving on electricity. Keep in mind, though, that your potential savings will depend a lot on your location, but you can definitely expect it to be in the range of $10,000 or higher (over the next 20 years). Aside from saving on electricity cost, you may also be eligible to enjoy government incentives for installing renewable energy products.

Reliable and Independent Energy

In contrast with fossil fuels, which many say are slowly running out, the sun is expected to provide energy for a long, long time (approximately 4 billion years). Although there are days when the sun doesn’t shine, with batteries, you can store electricity produced by the solar panels for later use. What’s more, nobody can claim ownership of the sun. Which means you will always have your own electricity because you are getting it from an energy source that nobody can take away, is practically inexhaustible, and doesn’t depend on anything else but itself. Say goodbye then to those big electric companies and their variable electricity charges. In the next 20 – 30 years, you’ll still be enjoying free energy while those who remain loyal to traditional electric power will have electric bills that are likely to have doubled or tripled in cost.

Environmental Benefits

Global warming is acknowledged as the biggest environmental threat of our time. Primarily caused by too much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, people are now accepting that it is time to make drastic changes in the way we use energy so we can save our planet from dying. Taking advantage of solar energy is a great way to be part of that change. By shifting to solar-powered energy, you will be using clean electricity which produces no carbon dioxide emissions, which means you get to stop being a contributor to global warming. Go solar and you are on your way to helping protect our planet for future generations. Even if you don’t believe climate change is a man-made issue, solar panels will still help cut down on pollution.

Increase your Home Value

Adding solar panels does more than just raise the resale value of your home. It also makes selling your home easier and much quicker than those without solar since the prospect of paying lower electric bills is a great selling point that makes it a very attractive choice. Buyers will not only look forward to reduced electricity costs. It might also make them feel extra satisfied for investing in an eco-friendly home.


Probably the only disadvantage to powering your home with solar energy is the need to occasionally climb your roof to clean your solar panels. But with all the other benefits that you get out of it, does climbing your roof really seem all that hard?


Big Sky Homes has Houses Ready for Panels

While we don’t sell the solar panels here, we have homes that can easily have them installed. You may be able to work with your lender to have the panels included in your loan so you don’t have any additional costs to worry about. If you are looking for a brand new house that will cost roughly the same as renting a house, then stop by Big Sky Homes of Billings, MT today and see what we have available.

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