It Really is the Ideal Living Community

Mobile homes, referred to as manufactured homes since 1976 when the US Department of Housing and Urban Development raised the standards for these types of housing units, offer the best value for your money. Comparable in appearance to traditional stick-built homes, manufactured homes are often built with better quality due to the stricter codes and regulations they have to follow. And they can be purchased at a much lower cost than site-built homes.

High quality, lower cost. While affordability may be the top reason for mobile/manufactured homes rise in popularity, there are several other reasons that make purchasing a mobile home and living (or renting a lot) in a mobile home community much more attractive than it used to. Here are the top 5 perks you can look forward to when you opt for this home ownership solution.



When renting an apartment, you have to contend with the fact that you and your neighbors are separated by mere walls. Which means you can pretty much hear each other and almost know what each one is doing. With your own mobile home, you have your own space, your own walls, and your own yard. Small as it might be, knowing that your activities (and sometimes fights and unpleasant conversations) are kept within your household will give you that feeling of privacy and independence.


Safety and security

20150422_130914For many mobile home communities, part of the leasing process involves a background check on potential residents. It might be a disadvantage for anyone with a negative record (ex. convicted criminals, felons, sex offenders), but it certainly is a benefit for those without. Of course, you can’t help feel safer knowing that your neighbors aren’t criminals. You don’t have to get worried as much about letting kids play outside your home, or walk home from a neighbor’s house by themselves. And, if you have to go on a short trip or a vacation, you don’t have to be scared as much that something bad will happen to your home because you know that your neighbors will somehow be looking out for your home in your absence, at no cost.


Sense of belongingness

When you live in a community, especially one where residents have similar interests, the normal tendency is for everyone to know everybody. And when you live in such environment, it’s easy to feel that you belong. 


Minimal maintenance

Clean Up your YardLiving in a mobile home community eliminates your responsibilities for property maintenance. Lot rental fees typically cover utilities like water, garbage, sewer and sometimes recycling pick-up. There’s usually community maintenance service too, which means you won’t have to trim the trees around you because that will fall under the maintenance contract.


Recreational benefits

Many mobile home communities offer amenities that will cater to different recreational needs. Some examples are clubhouses, pools, pavilions, parks, fitness centers, spas, golf courses, playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts. There are scheduled events to look forward to as well such as movie nights, holiday parties, bingo, sports events, potluck nights, poker nights, and many more. Of course, with the busy lifestyle that’s usually the standard these days, knowing that you’re just a few steps away from being able to unwind can be an instant mood booster.


Big Sky Homes of Billings Provides Mobile Homes

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