Home Ownership is Affordable

There are two methods a person can purchase housing.  They can rent from someone else, or they can buy a home.  Most people start out by renting.  As their incomes increase, and their savings as well, they eventually purchase a home to call their own.  They think that owning is much more expensive than renting, so they put that decision off until later.

Did you know that you can afford to own a home?

If you are paying for a rental, then you can afford the payments on a home to call your own.

Stop Renting

Stop Renting and Get Into Your Own Home

Every month you write a check to your landlord.  That check is put into his, her, or the corporation’s account, and ultimately goes to paying off the property that you live in.  When that check is cashed, you are left with the right to live there for another month.

If you purchase a home, you still have to write that check every month to pay your mortgage.  But instead of simply being cashed, you pay off a little bit more of your loan, and get a little bit closer to owning your home outright.  You can stop renting and own your home without increasing your monthly spending!

Aren’t Houses Expensive?

Traditional houses, those that are built on site, are generally more expensive than the manufactured housing that Big Sky Homes has for sale.  We are in the business of providing affordable housing, and helping people build their dreams.  Because we want you to be able to stop renting and own your own home, we carry a huge range of homes.  From a $30,000 mobile, to a $200,000 custom made modular, we can get you exactly what you want.

But Maintenance on a House is Expensive!

Maintenance on an old house is expensive.  Modern appliances and building techniques have improved dramatically over the past few decades.  The result is that everything in the houses we sell should last you for many years, with minimal maintenance.  For just a few hundred dollars per year, you can ensure that everything lasts.

But sometimes stuff happens.  We understand that, the manufacturers understand that, and the builders do too.  Most of our new homes come with warranties.  If something goes wrong, it gets fixed for free.  No worries for you!

I Don’t Want a Loan Over My Head

Affordable Housing

The only sign like this you’ll see is if you are the landlord.

Nobody likes debt, that’s not how we are programmed.  We want to be our own people without owing anything to anyone else (that includes money or favors).  As a renter, you may as well have a loan over your head.  You have to pay the rent, or else you get evicted.  Any new place that you find to live, you have to pay the rent.  Why not stop renting, start building equity, and work towards not owing anything for housing?

Taxes Always Go Up Though

Rent goes up with those taxes.  Your landlord is in the business of making money.  If the property owner’s expenses increase, they will pass those expenses on to you.  Generally speaking, your rent increases at a faster rate than the cost of taxes.

Would you rather have a $20 increase in your yearly tax bill, or a $20 increase in your monthly rent?


Start the Process to Stop Renting

Tired of writing that rent check every month?  Come by Big Sky Homes and start the process to getting into an affordable home in Billings, Montana.  We are located off the City Center road that wraps you from King Avenue to Downtown, see our map below.

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