HUD Approval Opens Options for You

HUDBuying a home is often a big process. That process is even bigger when you take into account one of the many different government programs available to help offset the costs of that home.

There are some things that you have to work out with your lending agent; they have access to various loans that can lower your costs. But there are certain regulations when it comes to things like HUD homes. Here at Big Sky Homes, we are proud to say that we are HUD certified.


What is HUD?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD for short, is a huge government program. It covers a wide range of housing, from programs to help the homeless, to lower cost housing options, to renter/landlord rights.


What is HUD Approval?

As it pertains to Big Sky Homes in Billings, HUD approval means a few different things.

Patriot_Exterior01First of all, in order to become HUD approved, you have to complete training. This isn’t just a recognition that you can get by hopping online and filling out a form. By investing a lot of hours through the Manufactured Housing Education Institute (MHEI) we have successfully completed the HUD Approved Installer Training for the HUD Manufactured Housing Installation Program. That’s quite the mouthful!

What that means to you, the buyer of a home, is that we are fully certified to deal with HUD homes, and certified to install a HUD manufactured home. It takes one more worry off of your plate knowing that you are dealing with a company that knows exactly what they are talking about, and the government regulations behind the program.


Affordable Housing in Billings

If you have looked into HUD homes in the past, you will know that there are some that hit the market every year. For those that meet the criteria, they can purchase these homes at a substantially reduced cost. The downside is that often the homes need an incredible amount of work.

With Big Sky Homes you can get into a HUD home that is a new manufactured home, it meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. The best part is that since it is new, there are no major upgrades that are needed before you can move in and enjoy your home.


Mobile and Modular Homes in Billings

Affordable Housing in Billings

Billings is an amazing place to live. And you can get a home for far less than the going rate for most real estate. Mobile and modular homes are carefully built in a controlled environment. They are transported to the location of your choosing, and in the end you have a brand new home that costs less than most traditional homes that are built on site.


Contact Big Sky Homes

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