Don’t Settle for a Home you Don’t Like

Buying a home involves a lot of decisions and one of the most critical choices to start the process off is deciding whether to buy a new home or an old one. As each type has its own perks and drawbacks, ultimately, it is your lifestyle and priorities that will dictate which type of home will be best for you.

There are a lot of homes for sale in Billings, but many might not meet your needs. Here are of the most important things to consider when weighing your options.

New home

Cost isn’t an Issue Anymore

To say that buying an old home is always less costly than buying a new home is now a fallacy. Though it may have been true for the longest time, with the advent of modular and mobile homes, it is now possible to buy a new home (one with a better quality at that) at a less expensive price.


Financing a New Home

New homes are generally easier to finance than old homes simply because many manufacturers make it much easier and more convenient to secure a mortgage through their in-house financing department. Even if that’s not an option, banks are more willing to give a loan for a house where everything is brand new.


Location is Your Choice

If you have your heart set on living in a specific neighborhood or community, buying an existing home in that location might be more feasible than putting a new home there, unless there happens to be an available lot you can buy and have a modular home moved into place.


Customization and Design the Way You Like

IMG_1379When you opt for an old house, you don’t have much choice but to accept what’s already there including the number and size of rooms, the room layouts, the height of ceilings and windows, the lighting, the design of each room, and the like. Sure, you can make some changes, but there is much limitation. With a new house, on the other hand, you get to participate in designing the entire structure of your home, from the exterior up to everything else inside. Why should you settle for someone else’s preferences when you can make your own choices that will reflect your personal taste and style?


Character can be Changed

Many old homes exude a distinct charm and appeal that many new homes just can’t replicate. Maybe it’s a simple debate between wanting to preserve what’s traditional, or embrace what’s modern and contemporary.


Safety Features are Better

Unlike most existing old homes, newly-built homes are made with environment-friendly and fire retardant materials, built-in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors which are backed up by battery power for seamless operation even during power outages, state-of-the-art circuit breakers and electrical outlets, modern wiring and plumbing. Even paints and finishes used are of the low VOC type so your family will breathe safe air inside your home.


Warranty and Maintenance on a New Home

Affordable housing in BillingsAn old and used home has likely deteriorated, with some of its materials and products already needing repair or replacement. A new home has all new parts and components that come under warranty and which you’ll be able to enjoy for years with minimal maintenance, before costly replacements or fixes will become necessary.


Energy Efficiency is Better

When it comes to going “green” and minimizing energy consumption, a new home is almost always the better choice. Why? Homes built today are required to meet stricter national code standards for energy efficiency, air filtration, and ventilation. Such tough standards did not exist years ago or if such did, the standards were much lower because energy usage was not as much of an issue then.


Sense of Ownership is There

Buying something new brings a different level of satisfaction than buying something that someone else has already used. If you are one of those who agree with this sentiment, the choice between buying a new home vs. an old home is a no-brainer.


Resale Value is Higher

HouseAlthough reselling your home may be the farthest thought from your mind, the idea that you may have to sell it at some point for whatever reason is always a possibility. And if that happens, it’s almost a certainty that a newer home will have a higher resale value than a much older home.


Big Sky Homes is in the Business of Providing Homes

Everyone needs a place to live, but why spend tons of money every month on rent, when you can own for essentially the same amount (sometimes less)? Why settle for someone else’s design when you can have your own?

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