Is a Modular Home Right for You?

Modular homes consist of one or more modules that are built in a factory, and then transported to the homeowner’s property where construction is finished or completed. Modular homes are required to meet the same state and local building codes where the home will be built, which means you can have a modular home practically in any location you choose.

Although this type of home isn’t for everybody, modular homes offer many benefits worth considering. Aside from the fact that you can move in to a modular home much faster (usually within 2 – 3 months) than a traditional home (6 months or more), here are 3 other important factors that can help sway your decision.


A Modular Home is Low Cost

Modular HomesModular homes are more affordable than traditional sticks-and-bricks site-built homes. Why? Labor costs are significantly lower because the home builders are experienced factory workers who can work quickly. The construction process is more streamlined with systems in place; this means everything is done at a faster pace. Aside from low labor cost, modular homes also have the advantage of using materials that can be acquired at a reduced cost due to volume purchase.

More than just being reasonably-priced, acquiring a modular home is made even easier because it is available through financing and loans. And just like traditional homes, modular homes do not depreciate in value and are considered as “real property” because of their permanent foundations.


A Modular Home is of Superior Quality

Modular Home interiorModular homes are strong because they are built of high quality materials. From the time it is still at the factory, to the time it is transported, up to the time of its final assembly — all the materials used are of the highest standards. Modular homes are put together by highly skilled workers, using powerful and sophisticated equipment, following an organized assembly and construction process, under a climate-controlled environment which ensures material integrity as it is protected from heat, moisture, wind, water, dust and dirt, and monitored closely at every step by quality control personnel to ensure that all enforced building codes and standards are met, and that all materials are used optimally with as minimal waste as possible. The result is a strong, durable, and energy-efficient home that is expected to last for decades.


A Modular Home has Unlimited Design Choices

Billings real estateAlthough they are typically built with a box-like structure (no fancy turrets here), modular homes are available in an extensive variety of creative layouts and designs, both modern and contemporary, some of which have been created by architects themselves. For others who have specific designs or preferences in mind, customization is easily possible, for the home exterior, as well as its interiors. It is not only designs that are variable. You also have the option to choose different materials and colors for your windows, walls, floors, cabinets, countertops, finishes, and everything else that will become part of your home. A modular home is likewise expandable, which gives you even more flexibility as you will not always be limited to the initial space that you have.


Big Sky Homes has Modular Homes

If you are looking for the finest modulars in Billings, we have them! We have dozens of homes on our lot that you can purchase today, or you can custom create the home that is just right for you. We have affordable housing options for everyone in Billings.

Big Sky Homes has been serving the Billings community for over 30 years. We are located at 750 Parkway Lane just off Laurel Road. Come in today and see if a manufactured home is right for you.

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