Add Storage to your Home and Reduce Your Headache

So much stuff, so little space. Let’s face it. There are significantly more homeowners with limited space than those with ample space. And if you belong to the majority, you will either have to sell some of your belongings to free up some space, or you can go the creative route and make room for everything you own. If you’re up to the challenge, Big Sky Homes, your affordable housing expert in Billings, has some ideas you can play around with to add more storage space to every room in your home. Read on and learn how to add storage to your home.

add storage to your Billings home


In your kitchen

Knives1 – Instead of repeating the cycle of stacking and un-stacking pots and pans, consider installing a rack held by chains from your kitchen ceiling which will allow you to hang your cookware from hooks. It’s a space-saver, it’s a project you can do on your own, it will make your cooking routine much more convenient, and you get to display your nice-looking cookware too. Want a vintage look? Consider finding an old wooden ladder to use as your hanging board.

2 – Maximize your kitchen cabinet storage by adding shelves under the cabinets, and hooks to hang utensils and lids. For your corner shelves, consider adding some lazy Susans which will make it easier to store and reach for your canned, boxed and bottled food items.

3 – Add magnetic panels to store your knives and other kitchen utensils helping to free up counter space.


In your living room

Bench4 – Without much floor space, make use of your air space by installing shelves that start from your floor and go up all the way to your ceiling. Consider built-in shelving for a permanent solution.

5 – If you already have upper cabinets, try adding overhead storage on top of those existing cabinets. This will especially be useful if you are in a flood-prone area. You can use the space to store cherished and important belongings that you need to keep protected, but do not really need to have easy access to (such as memoirs and legal documents). Great for basements!

6 – Rather than simply hanging your TV on your wall using its own brackets, why not have a hanging TV cabinet installed so that aside from your TV, it can be used to store other things like books, magazines, and other stuff you have.

7 – If you have a 2-story house, turn the space under your stair case into a storage area.

8 – Make use of dual-purpose seats which function not only as added seating, but as storage space as well. You can use such seats to keep your books, arts and craft supplies, or your children’s toys.


In your bedroom

Under Bed Storage9 – Add shelves behind closet doors and you will instantly be able to create additional space for your overstuffed closet.

10 – Utilize the space under your bed to store boxes of shoes, rolling drawers, and even your suit cases. You can get a variety of storage bins designed for this very purpose.


In your bathroom

Towel Storage11 – Add a slide-out shelf under your sink where you can place all your cleaning implements and chemicals. You’ll be much more organized this way, and it’s safer too because all the “dangerous” stuff is kept in a single place.

12 – Add multiple hooks to hang your wet towels on, then add a shelf on top and use it to store your unused towels, curtains, and other linens.


Big Sky Homes is here to Serve

Our passion is to get people into a home they love, at a price they can afford. This frees up their income to decorate, update, change, add storage, and create the way that they want to! Almost every one of these storage solutions tips can be a DIY project. When you don’t have to worry about home maintenance, a high mortgage bill, or paying out the nose for utilities, then you can splurge on the things that you love.

Do you have a favorite home storage tip? Let us know! Then come see us at 750 Parkway Lane in Billings.

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