Turn Your Space from Bland to Grand!

Many of us understand the value of home décor and curb appeal. But there are also many of us that don’t exactly know where to start. We realize that our living space needs something, but we aren’t exactly sure where to start. Don’t worry fellow decoratively challenged people! We have rounded up the resources for you and narrowed it to the top 10 perfect improvements.

Want to give your living space a makeover? Rejuvenate your home through one or more of these practical and inspirational touches that can add more character to it, or reflect more of your own. Keep reading as Big Sky Homes, your source for affordable housing in Billings, MT explains.


Bold and eye-catching house numbers

Don’t limit yourself to your gate and your front door. You can also put numbers on brick columns, fence posts, or that big tree in front of your house. And it doesn’t have to be the same for all. You can choose different colors and styles for each area where you’ll put your house number on. Get creative and make your own numbers from wood, plastic, metal, or concrete!

Bold House Numbers

Flowering plants

While it may be useful to have your own garden with different herbs and veggies, it’s also nice to have different kinds of flowering plants, especially because pretty and bright colors can give you an instant mood boost. And because different flowers bloom during different seasons, you can always plant something new so you’ll never have to get tired of seeing the same sight all the time. Want color all season long? Opt for annuals; they need replanted each year, but they bloom longer than perennials.

Bright Blooming Flowers

Outdoor lights

Whether it’s your driveway or your garden, installing outdoor lights is a sure way to highlight their features and enhance their appearance, especially after the sun goes down. And it’s not just for appearance. Adding outdoor lights will serve as a safety and security feature as well. To brighten up the outside of your home, solar lights are an affordable and eco-friendly option.

Outdoor lights

Jazzed up front door

One of the easiest but overlooked ways to upgrade the look of your home is by jazzing up your front door. Instead of sticking to the traditional look, go for an unconventional paint color and design. Try contrasting colors, like a blue door with green siding. And while you’re at it, scout for a charming and shiny door knocker too, something which is just too irresistible to not knock on.

Jazz up your front door

Bright colored paint

Painting (or repainting) is easily the quickest and cheapest way to revive the appearance of your home. Use one, two or three colors of paint. Mix and match to come up with a look that’s completely your own. Be sure to consult credible references too, especially when you have specific objectives in mind like making a small space look bigger, or a making drab space appear livelier.

Vibrant Paint Colors

Cheery and lively doormat

Forget the single rug or doormat. Instead, try layering by putting one bright and boldly patterned rug over a plain but bigger neutral colored rug.

Front Door Mat

Charming porch swing

Make your front porch more inviting by adding a porch swing where you can pleasantly and comfortably spend some idle time to relax and recharge after a long day. You can read a book, listen to your favorite tunes, or have some drinks while chatting happily with your friends.

Porch Swing

Stylish accents

Depending on your home’s architecture, you can choose to add small accessories or fixtures that will enhance your home’s overall look. Patterned rugs, antique furniture, matching rockers, a bright red planter, an art piece. The list is as wide as your imagination can take you.

Bright Accent Pieces

Water fixtures

A bubbler, a fountain, a fish pond, or pool waterfalls. Choose any one of these water fixtures to add some kind of relaxing touch to your home’s design. The sound of water flowing has a natural soothing effect that can help relieve that stressful feeling you’ve been experiencing for the most part of your day.

Water Feature

Picket fence

If you feel the need to have more privacy, a picket fence is the perfect solution. It doesn’t even have to be the stereotypical white picket fence. Delve into your creative side and choose what color will best complement your home.

Picket Fence

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